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The healthiest pet food for your lovely pets

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No preservatives, no chemicals, 100% natural ingredients with insect protein

Fruit & Vege

Fruit, vegetables, from our juice and food producers in HK

BSF as protein

Our in-house BSF  (black soldier fly) larvae as major protein source


Improves digestive system, skin and hair quality, and much more! 

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Fruit-based organic feeds - Fruit2Feed

With dried black soldier fly larvae as core protein source, fresh fruit, soybean and vegetable dross from our commercial waste partners, and various meat commodities to balance the nutrients, Fruit2Feed guarantees with no additional artificial ingredients with the most natural substances to ensure the healthiness of your pets.


Fruit waste, what are those?

We save

0.48kg per 1kg of Fruit2Feed

of GHG emission

Our Mission

Reduce reusable waste

Stop disposing the clean and fresh ingredients, why can't we reuse them but to increase carbon emission?

No artificial contents

All natural ingredients, no extra chemicals, no preservative

Small batches

We produce only small batches to ensure all raw materials and process quality, and filter before packaging

Made in Hong Kong, and serve beyond


Our core protein source

BSF insect protein, via our in-house BSF farming to guarantee the quality 

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Your support is extremely meaningful

We do our best during the last year to develop and to sustain with a very small amount of capital. With just 3 of us, every logistics we make in collecting the food waste, every manufacturing process, and every packaging are done by ourselves, as to minimise the overhead. Your support to our products are very important, and we appreciate every penny you've spent to our products, and the most important of all, to reduce carbon emission together.

Our Endorsement

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